Neff Built In Ovens

Neff-B12S53N3GB-897Neff Built In Single Electric Oven B12S53N3GB £369.99

Neff specialise in built-in appliances which seamlessly combine style with function. Introducing the impressive B12S53N3GB electric oven…

Stylish and Practical

This stainless steel oven has a huge 67 litre capacity. That’s plenty of space for large family get-togethers, roasts or even dinner parties. It also offers a grill function for complete flexibility.

A telescopic shelf extends outwards for safe and easy access. You no longer need to reach into the cavity to remove a dish or tray – simply pull the shelf out for a sturdy and level surface.

The full glass oven door is triple glazed, reducing the amount of heat loss and preventing burns.

Better Cooking

The oven has Neff’s unique Circotherm® cooking system. This works by drawing air in via a powerful fan, heating it up and circulating it around the oven capacity. The set temperature is reached quickly and maintained evenly across the entire cooking space.

This offers spectacular cooking results on joints of meat or roast vegetables. Thanks to the movement of hot air, you don’t need to turn those foods you’d normally grill, like burgers and sausages. There won’t even be any flavour transfer when cooking different foods at the same time – perfect for cooking dessert at the same time as dinner.

An electric clock/programmer means you can count on the B12S53N3GB to create a perfect meal while you get on with other things. The LED display is easy to read and use.

Other Useful Features

This model has been rated A – 20% energy rating – that’s 20% more efficient than an A rated electric oven.

Neff’s TitanEnamel provides the interior oven surface, which wipes clean with minimal effort. It’s been scientifically developed to be scratch and acid resistant, and even withstands erosion from acidic foods. CeramiClean® liners protect the back of the oven cavity. These absorb and oxidise grease, leaving your oven free from oily build-ups.


Neff Built In Double Electric Oven U12S53N3GB £589.99

Neff-U12S53N3GB-908This stainless steel Neff U12S53N3GB double oven has a great A-20% energy rating and a CircoTherm fan that gives you better results when cooking. With all its great features, this oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Double Oven, Bigger Capacity

Not only does the main oven offer you a large 67 litre capacity, the second oven gives you an additional 35 litres of room. All this space is ideal when you’re cooking big meals for the whole family.

The multifunctional main electric fan oven comes with an electric clock and LED display. The upper cavity is a conventional oven and contains an integrated variable grill and a useful automatic programmer. Both have double glazed glass doors and easy-to-use rotary controls.

CircoTherm Fan

This Neff oven’s CircoTherm fan ensures that heat is spread evenly throughout the oven. It also prevents the loss of heat when the door is open.

One of the U12S53N3GB’s best features is the telescopic shelf. This can be pulled out fully, giving you easy access to trays or dishes in the oven.

Built-in Design

As a built-in oven, the U12S53N3GB combines great functionality with a sleek design. The oven is installed into one of your kitchen units, creating the impression of space and a modern feel.

TitanEnamel Interiors

Both cavities have TitanEnamel interiors and CeramiClean liners – the top oven has a liner on the ceiling, while the bottom oven has one at the back. These help keep the oven clean, which is a bonus for those of us who want to spend as little time scrubbing as possible.

With its excellent energy rating and useful features, this Neff double oven is perfect for all your family’s cooking needs.


Neff Full Size Built In Dishwasher

Neff Full Size Built In Dishwasher S51M53X3GB £499.99

Neff-148S51M53X3GB-101The Neff S51M53X3GB is an efficient and reliable dishwasher that will take care of all the washing up in double quick time, leaving you free for the more important things in life.

As an integrated dishwasher, this model will slot right into your built-in kitchen, giving it a more streamlined and compact look. The control panel is on the top of the door, allowing you to hide the front panel behind a cupboard door.

A slick, stainless steel control panel and interior gives a smart, modern look.

Perfect for Families

The Neff S51M53X3GB boasts a 13 place setting capacity. With a place setting consisting of around 10 items, this machine can hold up to 130 items of cutlery and crockery. If you have a large family, enjoy dinner parties, or just accumulate a lot of dishes, the Neff S51M53X3GB is the perfect dishwasher for you.

After a stressful meal, the last thing you want to be doing is slaving away over the dishes. This model takes away that fuss – just load it up and relax, knowing your dishes will be sparkling clean.

Programmes and Efficiency

Dishwashers with a larger capacity also have greater water and energy efficiency due to fewer washes with larger loads. The Neff S51M53X3GB has an A+ energy rating, making it very economical, and has received high wash and dry ratings of A.

This dishwasher has five programmes to use, depending on how dirty your dishes are. Intensive 70 °C is perfect for those really tough stains, whereas Auto 45-65 °C or Economy 50 °C will deal with a standard wash with ease. If you’re in a rush, the Quick Wash will have your dishes done in no time. All the programmes produce great cleaning results with minimum effort.

An easy to read LED display shows how far along the wash is and the control panel is simple to use. Other features include AquaStop, an anti-flood device, and VarioSpeed, which allows you to reduce the time of a standard programme without compromising on wash performance.


Neff Induction Hob

Neff Induction Hob T40B31X2GB £349.99

Neff-148T40B31X2GB-1398This state-of-the-art induction hob has intelligent sensor technology to save you money and make your kitchen a safer place.

Induction Technology

Induction hobs work by heating the base of the pan, rather than the entire cooking zone. A magnetic field induces the heat directly for more efficient cooking. The T40B31X2GB has four cooking zones – two 1.4kW zones at the back and two 1.8kW zones at the front. This range of power levels means you can choose a lower power to gently make a sauce or a higher wattage to rapidly boil a large pot.

The automatic pan recognition system can sense whether or not the zone is being used.  Induction heat works with ferrous metal pans and will only work if one is on the hob. This is safer and more energy efficient than a ceramic hob. No heat will be transmitted when you’re not using it, even if a metal spoon is accidentally left on the cooking surface.

Cooking Control

This model has electronic touch controls with a clear LED display for each zone. Never overcook a soft boiled egg again with the built-in LED timers, which have a switch off function and acoustic signal. A handy Quickstart option allows instant cooking for those tea times when you’re in a hurry.

Hob controls are often found on the right hand side, which can be awkward for left handed people to use. With the T40B31X2GB they are set at the front of the hob so they can be used safely and easily by anyone.

While induction hobs don’t heat the surface directly, they can still get warm from residual heat emitted from the pan bases. With this model the hob surface will remain lit until it’s cool enough to touch. There’s also a childproof lock for added peace of mind.

Stylish Design

This Neff hob adds contemporary touch to any kitchen. It’s made from sleek black glass and is completely frameless so you can enjoy a really integrated look. At nearly 60cm wide, it can fit above a built-in oven or below an extractor fan with ease. The 110 cm cable and 13 amp 3 point plug means it can be installed almost anywhere.


Neff Gas Hob

Neff Gas Hob T23S36N0GB £229.99

Neff-148T23S36N0GB-1454From gentle simmering to powerful flash frying, the Neff T23S36N0GB gas hob brings responsive and versatile cooking to your kitchen.

Powerful yet Simple Cooking

Cooking large meals is easy with the Neff T23S36N0GB; this model has four burners with three power outputs – one high speed, one economy and two standard. The burners also come in three sizes to suit a wide range of pots and pans.

The hob has two black cast iron pan supports. These are sturdy, robust and built to last, easily handling everyday use with heavy pans. They are also dishwasher safe.

Built for easy and simple use, the controls are positioned at the front of the hob and feature turn and push ignition. This allows you to ignite the burner with one hand, in a single movement.

Form, Fit and Function

Designed to fit seamlessly into your worktop, the Neff gas hob will add a touch of style to any kitchen. The brushed stainless steel finish gives the T23S36N0GB a modern look, complimented by the black of the cast iron supports. A black glass inlaid control panel completes the look.

Functionality and practicality are at the forefront of the design. The stainless steel finish is easy to clean and the matt effect stops any fingerprint marks appearing. The cast iron supports come with rubber feet to ensure they don’t move as you’re cooking or scratch the hob.

Safety First

Leaving the kitchen to answer the phone or front door can be done safely thanks to the fitted flame failure safety device. This automatically shuts down the gas supply to the hob if the flame goes out.