Bosch Washing Machines

Bosch 6kg Washing Machine WAB28162GB  £299.99

Bosch-296WAB28162GB-062This Bosch Maxx washing machine is packed with great features and has 15 programmes. Read on to find out why the WAB28162GB is the right appliance for your family.

A+++ Energy Rating

Worried about your household energy consumption? This washing machine has been awarded the highest available energy efficiency rating. Not only does this make it a green appliance, it also trims money off your energy bills.

6kg Capacity

The WAB28162GB‘s spacious drum holds up to 6kg of laundry. This is the ideal amount for medium sized families or couples who get through lots of washing.

As a freestanding model, it doesn’t require installation into one of your kitchen units, and can be stored anywhere in your kitchen, or elsewhere in your home.

15 Different Programmes

This washing machine lets you choose from 15 programmes.

Only washing one type of material like silk or cotton? There are specific settings to optimise wash performance for single items, or a Mixed Load cycle for general loads.

The Allergy+ programme is great if anyone in the family suffers from sensitive skin or allergies, while the Easy Care programme is a gentle cycle that protects your clothes.

Extra Features

Need your favourite top cleaned in a hurry? The WAB28162GB Speed Perfect function reduces cycle times with no loss in wash performance.

Another really handy aspect of this product is the Delay Start feature. This lets you choose when you want your load to start, so soggy washing won’t be sat in the drum for hours on end until you get home from work.

Don’t like talking over your washing machine when it’s running? Simply schedule your cycle to start when you’re asleep and empty it in the morning.

WAB28162GB also has a neat white design, and LED progress indicators. If you want a quality washing machine that’s built to last, this is it.

Bosch 9 kg Washing Machine WAT28370GB £499.99

Bosch-296WAT28370GB-01This attractive washing machine from Bosch is jam-packed full of fantastic features. With its A+++ -30% energy efficiency and EcoSilence motor, the WAT28370GB is sure to impress.

Thanks to a whopping 9 kg capacity, the WAT28370GB is the ideal family washing machine – fit in bed sheets, linen and grubby school uniforms with ease.

Versatile Washing Cycles

With 15 different washing programmes, the WAT28370GB offers you amazing flexibility. Choose from:

Cottons – available at a range of temperatures, with or without a pre-wash, and economy options


Delicates / Silk


Mixed Load

Super quick 15 and 30  – perfect for those items of clothing you desperately need



Spin / Drain

With so much choice, you’ll be fully prepared for any laundry task that comes your way.

The Perfect Family Appliance

The large 9 kg capacity isn’t the only reason this model is the perfect family washing machine. The porthole is large, measuring 32 cm, and opens 165° so you easily get big and bulky items in.

The EcoSilence Drive technology that powers the WAT28370GB makes it incredibly efficient and quiet, to make for a peaceful washing experience.

This Bosch model also comes with anti-vibration technology, which cuts down noise and helps keep the appliance stable. The detergent drawer is self-cleaning too, saving you time and hassle.

VarioPerfect Technology allows the WAT28370GB to finish cycles 65% faster or 50% more efficiently, allowing you to tailor your programmes to your laundry tasks.

A handy child lock prevents little fingers from interfering with settings, and an acoustic alarm sounds when a cycle finishes. ECARF have awarded the Bosch WAT28370GB their seal of quality, showing the product is friendly to allergy sufferers.

Wash with Efficiency

The WAT28370GB is amazingly efficient, thanks to all its energy-saving technology. As such, the appliance has been awarded an A+++ energy efficiency rating.

A+++ is the highest rating currently available, but the WAT28370GB goes even further, being 30% more efficient than other A+++ models. This appliance will keep saving you money every time you run it.

Armed with ActiveWater Plus technology, the WAT28370GB cuts down on wasted water too. A sensor measures how much water is needed, based on the quantity and type of material in the drum. Thanks to the optimised water distribution system and unique drum design, water penetrates the laundry quicker, reducing the amount required to fully soak items.

In Control

The fully electronic dial lets you easily pick the programme and temperature you want with ease. Extra settings are chosen using the touch select buttons. Pick from a delayed start function, SpeedPerfect, EcoPerfect, Aqua Plus settings, spin speed reduction and others.

The large LED display lets you see everything you have selected.

Take the hassle out of laundry day with the Bosch WAT28370GB washing machine. Order yours today.

Bosch Tumble Dryers

Bosch 6kg Vented Tumble Dryer WTA74100GB £269.99

Bosch-296WTA74100GB-012The Bosch WTA74100GB vented tumble dryer is a great performer. It comes with lots of handy modes to get all your laundry dry quickly and conveniently.

No Fuss Settings

The WTA74100GB comes with an Autodry sensor setting, which assesses when clothes are dry. This saves you money and energy as clothes are never over-dried. Just select Autodry along with your preferred cycle and come back to perfectly dried laundry.

Cupboard dry is the standard setting for the WTA74100GB, getting your washing perfectly dry for storage. There is also a Cupboard Extra Dry mode for particularly bulky items, such as bed sheets.

Use the Easy Iron setting to make the tedious chore of ironing that bit simpler, reducing hassle for you.

The vented dryer provides effective drying by venting the excess moisture out of the appliance, allowing your laundry to get nice and dry.

This tumble dryer also comes with a handy start/stop button. This is perfect for the times you popped an item in on the wrong cycle. Just stop the cycle, remove the item, and let the machine carry on.

Easy Design

The WTA74100GB ‘s large drum, which can hold 6 kg of washing, is designed to be especially gentle on your laundry.  This prevents fraying and damage, for clothes that look new for longer. There is also an Anti-Crease setting that can run at the end of a cycle, so most of your laundry can just be folded and put away.

An AntiVibration design means the machine shakes a lot less than other models, and is therefore quieter. Settle down to an evening in front of the telly – you won’t have to worry about being disturbed.

The WTA74100GB Tumble Dryer from Bosch gets your laundry dry quickly and without fuss. Order yours today.

Bosch 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer WTA74200GB £279.99

Bosch296WTA74200GB-0896We are proud to present this stylish, white, freestanding Bosch WTA74200GB tumble dryer from the Classixx 7 family. It has a maximum capacity of 7kg, making it ideal for large households and families.

Giving you lots of choice

The WTA74200GB model has an excellent range of programmable features, including cycles for mixed loads or bulky items such as towels, plus warm and cold settings, and lots more.

The front panel contains an electronic rotary dial with clear labels that indicate each program. This makes choosing the cycle you want easier, and the LED timer lets you know exactly when your clothes will be dry.

To give you even more options, the Bosch WTA74200GB has a selection of buttons under the LED timer that allow for more user control. Functions include a pause mode, 24-hour time delay and low heat setting.

The WTA74200GB really is the ideal all round tumble dryer for any family. It even has a special sportswear programme for the active person in your household.

Caring for your clothes

To ensure your laundry is kept safe and looked after, the WTA74200GB has a stainless steel drum with built-in textile care. For added versatility, there is a 60 minute anti crease cycle, so your clothes will be easier to iron once you remove them from the dryer.

With its AntiVibration design, this tumble dryer is quieter and more stable. That means you’re less likely to be disturbed while you’re watching TV.

This model has an energy rating of C and a child lock for additional security. It also has a fluff filter indicator to let you know it’s time to remove the lint that’s built up.

If you want an appliance that dries your clothes thoroughly and looks after them at the same time, why not go for the Bosch WTA74200GB Classixx7?

Bosch 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer WTE84106GB £329.99


This white Bosch tumble dryer has a 7 kg capacity, which is ideal for large families who need to dry bulkier items once in a while. Get your clothes ready to wear again in no time with the WTE84106GB.

Condenser Drying

The WTE84106GB is a condenser dryer model, which means it can be positioned wherever you like in your home.

The sensor drying system detects the size of the load and adjusts the length of the cycle, leaving your garments perfectly dry every time. As well as giving unbeatable results, this helps to conserve energy.

9 Drying Programmes

With nine versatile drying programmes, your clothes will be taken care of in the best way possible.

Worried that you won’t have enough time to do some ironing? Not to worry, the 120 minute anti-crease cycle will help to make sure your clothes are wrinkle free.

If you find yourself needing dry clothes fast, you can use the rapid 40 minute programme to get them ready to wear quickly.

Want to use your appliance during the night? Bosch have developed Anti Vibration technology for quietness and increased stability during the cycle.

There is also a special Sportswear programme that gives your football kit and gym clothes the special care they need to keep them in the best condition, without damaging them.

User Friendly

LED indicator lights show which cycle you’ve selected and let you know when the condensed water reservoir and fluff filter need attention. There is also a fully electronic control dial, which makes selecting programmes really easy.

The Bosch WTE84106GB door opens to a 165° angle and the porthole is 42cm wide, which makes loading and unloading that little bit easier.

Make laundry days a cinch with the Bosch WTE84106GB tumble dryer. Click Add to Basket to purchase yours today. 

Bosch 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer WTB84200GB £369.99

nj0fzaThis fantastic condenser tumble dryer from Bosch makes a great addition to any family home. It has a large capacity and an excellent range of features.

Drying Convenience

The WTB84200GB has a list of helpful drying modes to whiz through your laundry. These include:


Mixed Load

Timed programme warm

Timed programme cold



Super Quick 40

Shirts 15

If you have a cheaper energy tariff at night or want to run the dryer once you’ve gone to bed – without getting disturbed – the handy time delay is perfect. Load the appliance up and set a time delay of up to 24 hours. The WTB84200GB will run at the most convenient time for you.

Conscientious about bills and energy costs? The Bosch tumble dryer has a sensor-drying feature, which checks when your laundry is perfectly dry. This means the drying cycle you selected will finish when the clothes are done, rather than running for the entire cycle duration. This reduces your costs and saves you time.

The cavernous, 8kg capacity is perfect for taking all the family’s laundry, and bulky bed sheets fit in easily.

The Added Extras

The WTB84200GB comes with a few added extras that really help it stand out from the crowd.

A useful child lock feature keeps curious fingers from getting into trouble, and the interior light helpfully illuminates the large drum, allowing you to notice that last forgotten sock.

Bosch have added a self-cleaning setting to this condenser dryer, reducing the hassle that comes with cleaning by hand.

An anti-crease setting helps reduce the need for ironing, and the quick-dry setting whizzes your clothes out in just 40 minutes, perfect for when you’re in a hurry.

A clear digital display means you always get the setting you want, and can check on your cycle’s progress easily.

The WTB84200GB from Bosch has everything you could want from a tumble dryer. Order yours today.

Bosch Built In Single Electric Oven

Bosch Built In Single Electric Oven HBA53B150B £399.99

Bosch-296HBA53B150B-1336This Bosch multi-function oven combines stylish design with practical features to help you cook both everyday family meals and impressive dinner party dishes.

Large Capacity

This built-in oven has a generous 67 litre capacity – perfect for large families. With two shelves and five possible shelf positions, the HBA53B150B offers great flexibility to fit in all your dishes.

This single oven also comes with an enamel pan and rack – ideal for when you’re using the grill.

Multi-function Oven

No matter the dish, the Bosch HBA53B150B has a cooking option to suit it. Choose from eight different settings.

Tired of swapping oven tray shelf positions whilst you’re cooking a large meal? The 3D Hot Air option distributes and circulates the air evenly throughout the oven, giving you the same temperature on three levels. This option also allows you to cook sweet and savory items together without the flavours mixing.

Perfect for succulent pulled pork or your favourite casserole, the conventional top and bottom heat option is ideal for slow cooking or dishes that require a crisp finish.

Cook the perfect roast chicken with the Hot Air Grilling option. Using both the grill and the fan, this setting gives your roast a rotisserie effect. It also cuts cooking time by 35% – 40% and can use up to 50% less energy than traditional roasting, saving you both time and money.

Using both the fan and bottom heating element, the innovative pizza setting gives you a crisp base whilst keeping the topping moist. This option also saves you time by eliminating the need to pre-heat the oven – ideal for those big match half-time breaks.

Other cooking options include full and half width grill, bottom heat and defrost.

Easy Clean

People who enjoy cleaning the oven are few and far between; luckily the HBA53B150B comes with an automatic self-cleaning process called ecoClean.

The oven’s roof, back and side liners are made up of thousands of microscopic porous oxygen-filled ceramic spheres. When the oven heats up during the cooking process, oxygen is released from the spheres and causes any grease or waste deposits on the lining to oxidise. In layman’s terms, you will be cleaning whilst you cook.

Energy Efficient

Awarded an A energy rating, the HBA53B150B will save you money with every use, compared with lower graded models, thanks to the double-glazed full glass door and energy saving cooking options.

With multiple cooking modes, this Bosch built-in oven will bring out the chef in you – buy yours today. 

Bosch Built In Oven with Microwave HBC84H501B £449.99

1032838911Searching for an oven that can do it all? Look no further! The HBC84H501B built-in oven from Bosch has an integrated microwave and grill, giving you even more options in the kitchen.

High Tech Features

Combining a compact oven, microwave and grill, the HBC84H501B has the ability to cook a variety of food types. Cook larger foods, such as a roast chicken, with ease thanks to the 44 litre capacity. A 3D Hot Air function uses a fan to help circulate heat evenly and reduce your cooking times.

The full width grill allows you to control the temperature for more consistent results, and there is also a 3D Hot Air grilling mode – perfect for cooking crispy chicken or a tasty casserole.

The 900W microwave has five power settings for even more convenience.

Sleek Design

As a built-in oven, the Bosch HBC84H501B is designed to snugly fit into your fitted kitchen units. This compact model is just 45 cm wide, allowing you to pack a lot of cooking power into a small space. It also makes a great secondary oven if you’d like to combine it with another one.

A sleek stainless steel finish contrasts with the black door for a stunning finish. The top panel features a red LED display that’s easy to read, and a mixture of dials and buttons let you control settings accurately.

Family Friendly

This model is great for busy mums and dads. An interior light lets you see how your food is doing, while a control lock ensures that children can’t change any settings or open the door while something’s cooking.

The HBC84H501B also features a durable stainless steel interior, which is hard wearing, scratch resistant and easy to clean. An electronic timer helps to keep track of how long your food has been cooking and will alert you when the time is up – especially helpful if you step away to answer the phone.


The Auto Cook feature provides 15 cooking programmes that are tailored to a range of dishes, including three automatic programmes that cook food by weight. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to put out something for dinner, as there are four automatic weight defrosting programmes too. These are perfect for defrosting food safely and quickly.

Be more adventurous in your cooking with the Bosch HBC84H501B. Buy yours today!

Bosch Fridge Freezers

Bosch Fridge Freezer KGN34VW24G £429.99

0kydrxThis Bosch fridge freezer is bursting with useful features. The KGN34VW24G is from Europe’s number one cooling manufacturer, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Separate Cooling Circuits

The KGN34VW24G has two separate cooling circuits, which lets the food in your fridge remain at optimum temperature while your frozen goods stay ice cold. By eliminating the risk of transferring humidity between the two compartments, this fridge freezer delivers an excellent performance at all times.

Auto Defrost and Frost Free Features

This model is frost free, so you’ll never have to worry about the tedious task of defrosting. Temperature in the upper fridge section is regulated withAuto Defrost technology, while the frost free freezer stops excess ice from gathering in the lower compartment.

AirFresh Filter

Another highlight is the antibacterial AirFresh filter, which reduces the smell of food odours. This means powerful aromas from strong cheeses, or even gone-off items, won’t affect the taste of other foods – something every fridge needs from time to time.

Fridge Compartment

The multi-air flow system, designed to improve air circulation within the fridge, helps your food remain fresh for longer. The salad crisper box is the perfect place for your fruit and vegetables, and for everything else there are three pull out glass shelves.

Frozen Food Storage

There’s plenty of room in the three spacious freezer drawers for all your frozen goods. The four star performance means the KGN34VW24G stores items up to 12 months.

In the case of a power outage, frozen food will keep for 14 hours without a mains connection.

Energy Efficient Fridge Freezer

The KGN34VW24G has a sleek and clean design, featuring an exclusive integrated horizontal handle.

It’s been awarded an A+ energy efficiency rating, which is really useful considering it runs 24 hours a day.

Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch Full Size Dishwasher SMS50T02GB £299.99

Bosch296SMS50T02GB-1302This Bosch dishwasher comes equipped with a large item spray head that has been specially designed to do the hard work for you. The time spent scrubbing burnt on stains and grease from your dishes can come to an end. No need for any pre-soaking, just attach the spray head and let it work its magic.

This particular dishwasher has the capacity to hold twelve place settings if the appliance is loaded correctly. Sometimes it may be the case that you don’t have enough soiled items to fill the dishwasher fully. For such occasions, there is a half load option available. Simply place your plates, bowls and pans anywhere on the shelves and select the desired temperature. The half load cycle completes in a shorter space of time than a full cycle and uses up to 30% less water.

The Economy cycle is a fantastic addition to the SMS50T02GB. It is capable of cleaning your dishes to an A-rated standard but it also takes care of the environment and your pocket by using less energy and water per wash. The Quick wash cycle cleans at 45°C in a shorter space of time than the standard wash cycles, which is perfect for entertaining.

The useful self cleaning filter is in place to make sure your dishwasher always remains hygienic and helps keep your dishes coming out squeaky clean time and time again.

Bosch are proud to offer AAA rated models in both their full size and slimline dishwashers. This particular model has an A+ energy efficiency rating and an A rating for cleaning performance and drying.

The casing of this appliance is white and would make a practical and useful addition to any home. The interior of the freestanding SMS50T02GB model is comprised of stainless steel which is the perfect material for durability and retaining heat.

Bosch Full Size Dishwasher SMS50C22UK £329.99

Bosch-296SMS50C12UK-812Families love the SMS50C22UK dishwasher. It’s roomy, energy efficient and perfect for any type of load.

Spacious Interior

This full size dishwasher has standard 60 cm wide dimensions. Inside there’s room for 12 place settings – that’s plenty for a whole days’ crockery and cutlery.

The height adjustable top basket helps you fit in large pans, while the foldable plate racks and cup shelves adapt to any load type. There’s also a cutlery basket in the lower rack.

Bosch’s VarioSpeed technology cleans in half the time, and this model will take extra care thanks to the glass protection system. Your wine glasses and china are in good hands with the SMS50C12UK.

A Choice of Programmes

Save yourself time and money with a range of handy features. There are 5 different programmes – Intensive, Normal, Economy, Quick Wash and Pre-Rinse. These use different temperatures to cover every load type, from the plates you’ve just eaten from, to those really dirty pots and pans. It also means you can say goodbye to rinsing your crockery before putting it in the dishwasher.

There’s a 24 hour time delay function for more convenient cleaning, helping you complete a wash just as you get home. The half load setting is an economical option when you haven’t got much to wash.

Energy Efficient

This Bosch dishwasher is kinder on the environment – and your household bills too. ActiveWater technology continuously adjusts the electricity and water levels for each load, using only what you need and preventing wastage.

It’ll come as no surprise then, that this model has been awarded an A++ energy rating.

Every Detail Counts

Bosch are famed for their high build quality and intelligent design. This freestanding dishwasher has a stainless steel interior with a self-cleaning filter system, so you can be sure it’s engineered to last.

The control panel is easy to use, while bright LED indicators make it easy to see when the salt or rinse aid needs a top-up. There is also a leak protection system for extra peace of mind.

This full size dishwasher is an impressive example of Bosch engineering.

Bosch Built In 12 Place Setting Dishwasher SMV40C40GB £399.99

1032128235With an A rating for both wash and dry efficiency, the Bosch SMV40C40GB will give you squeaky-clean dishes every time.

Fully Integrated

Keep the neat lines and style of your kitchen intact with this built-in dishwasher. The black control panel is on the top of the door allowing you to place the dishwasher behind a door panel or cupboard for seamless integration.

The fully integrated design does mean that it can be hard to know when the cycle has finished, luckily Bosch have created a simple solution to this. The clever InfoLight shines on the floor and allows you to see if the dishwasher is still running, without having to open the door.

The programmes you need

Four programmes with three temperature options keep the Bosch SMV40C40GB easy to use while still ensuring exceptional results no matter the load.

When you want to save time, use the Quick Wash. Economy uses less water per cycle, making it more eco-friendly and energy efficient. This dishwasher also has a built-in Pre-Rinse cycle – use it before a Full Wash to help gently remove tough food stains.

Use the VarioSpeed function with the Normal, Economy or Quick Wash programmes to cut the time by up to 50%, with no compromise in results.


You can expect sparkling clean, dry dishes after every cycle with this A rated dishwasher. It’s been awarded an A rating for both washing and drying performance, thanks to some innovative features such as the DosageAssistant dispenser. When the cycle begins, the detergent drops out of the dispenser and into a special tray on the top basket, ensuring it gets completely dissolved and reaches all your dishes.

Efficient Cleaning

Automatically adjusting the amount of water used for each cycle, depending on the size of the load, the load sensor minimises water consumption and electricity usage without compromising the results.

The brushless Ecosilence Drive™ motor is efficient and guarantees low electricity consumption and as well as saving you money it is exceptionally quiet. This dishwasher runs at just 50 dB, so you can operate it day or night without disturbance.

Thanks to these innovative features, this Bosch dishwasher has been given an energy efficiency rating of A+, making it friendly to both your wallet and the environment.

Say goodbye to pruney fingers with the Bosch SMV40C40GB – order yours today.

Bosch Full Size Dishwasher SMS58M32GB   £449.99

Bosch-296SMS58M32GB-1460To make your life that little bit easier, the Bosch SMS58M32GB Dishwasher has EcoSilence technology. A high tech brushless motor ensures a quieter, more peaceful dishwashing experience.


At only 48 dB, the EcoSilence dishwasher is quieter than a conversation and not much more than a whisper, so you can fully relax in a quieter kitchen. The exterior is fully sealed, preventing dirt from entering and creating additional noise.

Thanks to its new design, the EcoSilence Drive motor has other benefits. Low resistance means less daily wear and tear and a longer life expectancy. It’s also 35% more efficient than a standard motor and uses up to 30% less energy than the qualifying rate for energy efficiency class A.

Maximum Performance

Bosch’s Aqua Mix glass protection system lets you wash your glasses with complete confidence. The system adjusts the level of water hardness in the machine and tops up water levels direct from the mains supply, creating the best conditions for optimal glass cleaning.

Reduce wash cycle times by up to 50%, while keeping the same, shining clean finish, thanks to the VarioSpeed option. Perfect for when you have unexpected guests.


This sleek, white dishwasher has a 14 place setting capacity, creating a huge amount of space for a whole family’s worth of dishes and cooking utensils. A simple, easy-to-read LED display shows the time remaining on a wash cycle.

The SMS58M32GB has 5 programmes: Intensive 70 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Economy 50 °C, Quick Wash 45 °C and Pre Rinse, allowing you to customise the wash to the load. Receiving an A in both washing and drying ratings, this model provides superior cleaning to keep your dishes sparkling.

VarioFlex baskets give you the flexibility to adjust the racks and basket layouts in the machine to make room for larger or awkward shaped dishes. Roasting trays, serving dishes and chopping boards can all easily fit into the bottom basket if you alter the height of the top layer. A separate Vario Drawer on the third level replaces a cutlery basket and frees up more space in the bottom of the machine.

Child safety doors and display lock are installed to prevent curious fingers opening doors mid wash or trying to change the settings.

The Bosch SMS58M32GB is a super quiet dishwasher with lots of useful features to help save you time.

Bosch Slimline Dishwasher SPS40E32GB £279.99

Bosch-296SPS40E22GB-070This stylish freestanding dishwasher from Bosch encapsulates the company’s ethos of design, engineering and performance perfectly.

Slim Design, Big Performance

If you only have a limited amount of space but still want the ease and practicality of a dishwasher, a slimline style is ideal. 15cm thinner than an average full-sized model, it will fit neatly into any smaller kitchen.

Although much smaller in size, this dishwasher has space for 9 place settings –  ideal for those who have heavy washing loads and don’t want to compromise on performance.

A choice of 4 programmes lets you decide the type of wash suitable for the load. The Quick Wash can wash lightly soiled dishes in under 30 minutes – a super-fast cycle for when unexpected guests arrive.

New Technologies

A DuoPower spray arm is located in the top basket to create optimum water circulation around the dishwasher interior from targeted water spouts. This precision control allows each cycle to be particularly gentle on glasses in the top of the machine.

AquaStop gives you peace of mind to leave the house without worrying about your dishwasher overflowing. A combination of safety valves, double-lined water pipe and a float switch in the base tub ensure that if excess water is detected, the cycle is turned off before a flood can occur.

This Bosch model is fitted with a DosageAssist detergent dispenser to maximise the effectiveness of your tablets. The dispenser is set at the top of the machine door, where food remnants from dirty dishes can’t reach it. During a wash cycle, instead of getting lost between plates or not dissolving properly, the tablet goes into a special tray in the top basket where it can be thoroughly dissolved and spread evenly.

The EcoSilence Drive uses the latest brushless technology to create a quieter, faster and more energy efficient motor. Not incorporating brushes significantly reduces stress, friction and daily wear. The dishwasher works at 44 dB, which is only just above a whisper, meaning your conversations and homework time won’t be interrupted.

Slimline in size but not on performance or efficiency. Try one out today.

Bosch Hobs

Bosch Ceramic Hob PKE611C17E Was £259.99 Now £249.99 Save £10.00

Bosch-296PKE611C17E-1405Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with this electric hob by Bosch. The PKE611C17E has a stylish frameless design, lying almost flush with your worktop for a clean and contemporary look. It’s also an appliance that’s fast, powerful, and easy for you to use.

Four Cooking Zones                                

This electric hob has four radiant cooking zones, ranging from 1.2 to 2.2 kWh, in two different sizes. Enjoy complete control over how you cook with a choice of 9 power settings – you can choose to warm a pan as gently or rapidly as you like.

Quick Therm technology also provides heat more quickly than other ceramic hobs, making this a perfect choice for busy families.

Easy and Safe

Adjust power levels with the right-hand mounted control panel. The large dials are easy to see, easy to grip and well out of the way of young children. Each cooking zone is controlled independently for better multitasking.

There’s also a residual heat indicator. These lights provide a handy reminder if the surface is too hot to touch, which should help prevent any potential accidents.

Quality Frameless Design                                                                                  

Bosch are world renowned for their high build quality, and the PKE611C17E hob is no different. It has a frameless shape, giving a smooth and seamless look to your worktops. This also helps when cleaning, as there aren’t any grooves for food to get trapped in. Crumbs and spillages can be wiped away effortlessly with a soft cloth.

The black ceramic glass gives a glossy and sophisticated finish. It’s a simple modern look which will match any room easily. Measuring 59.2 cm wide and 52.2 cm deep, this hob will fit above a matching built-in oven perfectly.

Finish your kitchen to the highest standard with this incredible Bosch Classixx electric hob.

Bosch Gas Hob PBP6B5B60 Was £179.99 Now £169.99 Save £10.00

Bosch-296PBP6B5B60-1438With a modern design and plenty of cooking power, the Bosch PBP6B5B60 hob is a great addition to your kitchen.

Responsive Cooking

Still the preferred fuel for many people, including professional chefs, gas hobs give you greater versatility and responsiveness than electric models. The Bosch PBP6B5B60 gives instant heat, allowing you to start cooking as soon as you ignite the burner.

The visible flame is another advantage of gas over other fuel types. Being able to see the flame makes it much easier to tweak the temperature and means you’re less likely to burn yourself.

Gas is also a cheaper fuel than electricity. The Bosch PBP6B5B60 not only gives you a great cooking experience but also saves you money.

Four Burners

Four spacious burners offer plenty of room to cook with multiple pots and pans at the same time.

The burners come in three sizes to suit various pan shapes, from large casserole dishes to single egg frying pans.

Giving you even greater flexibility, the burners have three different power outputs. The economy, normal and high speed burners provide 1 kW, 1.7 kW and 3 kW of power respectively. Choosing the right burner for your dish helps you cook more efficiently.

Seamless Integration

This gas hob has been made to fit seamlessly into your kitchen. The built-in design gives you the choice of where to place – whether above your oven or not.

The elegant stainless steel finish adds a modern touch to the kitchen, and the two cast iron supports are both stylish and sturdy.

Peace of Mind

The Bosch PBP6B5B60 model is fitted with a flame failure device which automatically shuts off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished – this will help to keep your mind at rest in case of any problems.

Turn up the heat in your kitchen with the Bosch PBP6B5B60 gas hob – buy yours today.